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How many times have you gone to the bank looking for a cash advance, but was turned away by greedy lenders? Keep your head up high because Express Capital can offer you a better way to finance your business. Our business cash advance is the best way to avoid those unfair bank loans, look at these amazing benefits:


– Our business cash advance is time saving!
– Anyone can qualify!
– We offer the most flexible repayment solutions!
– Get approved almost instantly!


A Business cash advance can provide you with what you need quickly and effectively. Many other companies can make obtaining a cash advance very frustrating and inefficient, our business cash advance can be in your hands in 5 days or less. Paying them back is even easier– you might even qualify for our unique program that allows a small amount of your debit and credit card transactions to be automatically and quickly deducted until your balance is paid in full. Don’t worry about insane payments that will push you over your monthly budget or ever paying any late fees! Express Capital will provide the cash advance you need right now, no gimmicks.


You will receive an instant approval within 30 seconds, full underwriting within 48 hours and funding within 5 days. Apply today and you’ll have funds in your account in a couple days.


Our cash advance is not your typical bank loan, meaning that our application process is simplified, and that makes getting the money you need that much easier. Express Capital is the expert in providing a simple means to access the working capital you need. All you have to do is fill out our instant approval form and get a funding decision within 30 seconds.


Don’t worry about bad credit with a Express Capital business cash advance.


Express Capital is the provider of choice for businesses with bad credit every single day. Merchant cash advances are not a typical loan; you don’t have to worry about the risk or strict credit requirements a bank loan involves. Express Capital only charges a small percentage of your transactions meaning you only pay us when you get paid. Our success is determined by your success, rest easy with no fixed or minimum monthly payments. The more money you make, the sooner your cash advance will be repaid. When times are tough, take comfort in payments that automatically adjust to match your income.


We provide a working capital solution for any business


When working capital is a must have for your business, Express Capital is the leading provider with a quick approval process. Express Capital has several options to meet your business cash advance needs, with programs like: merchant loans, small business loans, restaurant loans, credit card funding, and much more. We create a solution tailored to your business, no two programs are alike. We will offer you our best solutions, and walk you through picking what works best for your business. There’s no need to worry about your current financial or credit situation. Call Express Capital right now and discover how we can make the difference in the future of your business today!