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There are times when business is tough and times when you’re looking to grow. Working capital is the extra help you need to meet your business goals. Using working capital can give you the push you need, while only paying back when you make a profit. The types of working capital include: a small business loan, credit card funding, and a small business cash advance. When you work with Express Capital you get only the best options and the fastest solutions, guaranteed.

Small Business Loans

A great choice for a business with good credit is a small business loan. A small business loan can have greater credit requirements than a business cash advance, but they are one of the best ways to build credit. Most business owners believe a small business loan can be hard to qualify for, but becoming qualified can be simple and easy. Small business loans can possibly offer you better terms and a lower rate. Apply today for an Express Capital small business loan, after you are qualified we can process your small business loan immediately. Regardless if you qualify for our small business loan or not, we have great cash advance programs that can provide you with the working capital you need without good credit.

Our cash advance programs

A business cash advance with us can give you the same benefits as a small business loan. A small adjustment in rates is the only difference between a business cash advance and a small business loan with Express Capital, this allows us to provide this service to any business owner who needs working capital now. Qualifying for our business cash advances is a piece of cake and provide the best option for a business who needs working capital immediately.

An alternative method with credit card funding

Do you need working capital without the headache that comes with monthly payments? Credit card funding allows a small percentage of your daily credit card transactions to be automatically deducted and used to pay off your advance. Never worry about the late fees that come with monthly payments! Almost anyone can qualify for our program and the process is completely automated. The qualifications for credit card funding are based on your daily credit card transactions instead of your credit score.

Express Capital is the ONLY choice for the working capital needs of your business

Industry leading customer service and our incredibly fast processing time are just a few reasons why America has chosen Express Capital to be its leading provider of working capital. Find out today what Express Capital can do for your business by completing our simple online application, its quick and easy. We can process your application in less than 30 seconds and provide you with funds in a couple days.